4 Best Ways to Accessorize Horse Girl Fall Fashion 2022


Happy Fall Y’all! Okay, maybe the temperatures are still in the 90’s. But, the desire to turn the tank tops in for sweaters is coming on strong. Each season is so beautiful in its own special way, but I think we can all agree the aesthetic of autumn is a craving we’re all welcoming. From the pumpkin patches to the falling leaves, taking in the fall vibes releases a sense of peace.

For riders, the fall riding season is nothing short of magical. The sound of hooves softly plodding on the fallen leaves while breathing in the crisp autumn breeze brings feelings of joy and serenity. Do you want to know something else that brings feelings of joy? No more bugs!

Sure, summer is blissful in and of itself, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that isn’t chomping at the bit for some cooler weather. After the lengthy heat we sweatily suffered through, the thought of curling up by the fire with your pumpkin-spiced latte is something to be desired.

With the rising fall season comes the promise of fall fashion making its timely comeback. For equestrians, this is an exciting time of year. It’s finally time for riding boots, leather, and the general horse girl aesthetic to be back in fashion. High fives and happy squeals all around! Walking around the grocery store in our riding gear will finally look less uncanny. While we are lucky to have our authentic items, sometimes we just want a piece of the barn with us in less obvious ways. That’s when you wonder, “Are there other ways to incorporate the modern equestrian trend with our normal outfits?”

From handbags and scarves to travel items, there are ways to fully encapsulate your horse girl aesthetic in every aspect of your life. At Equine Outfitters LLC, we have all the accessories so you can represent your horse heritage while looking fall fashion forward.

Fall 2022 Handbag Trends to Carry You Through the Season

Finding a good purse is like finding a good horse. Sure there are many nice ones out there, but we all know that finding your perfect match is no small feat. Finding the one you truly trust and who fits your needs is such a treasure. On the other side of the coin, there is always the excitement of a newcomer and making room for more!

Purses have been used for expression of style for many years. From clutches to backpacks, the function and fashion can really dress up or down an outfit. We know finding your next go-to purse can be tricky, so we have some fabulous options for you to choose from.

First up, our Tucker Tweed Wellington snaffle bit wristlet meets convenience in twelve fashionable colors. This wristlet is an homage to the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida, arguably one of the most sought after winter circuits. From the snaffle bit accent to the exclusive ruby lined fabric, this wristlet can also easily transform to a clutch or crossbody. Versatility to fit any life event makes this wristlet one of the top equestrian fashion items for fall 2022.

For the simple equestrian, we have a beautiful Camden crossbody purse. In six elegant colors, there is something to match any fall aesthetic. We love this purse for its subtle details that make it perfect for riders. It’s crafted with pebble grain leather, features snaffle bit accents, and is available with an embossed jumper or dressage horse.

From ringside awards to a night on the town, the Tucker Tweed Cor De Star Clutch is every horse girl’s perfect accent piece. This leather clutch features ostrich or snakeskin embossing with striking complimentary hardware. With the optional shoulder strap and private zipper storage, this will be your go-to accessory. Combining your love of horses with your everyday fashion has never been easier.

Best Fall Scarves & Necklaces for Horse Women

We all crave effortlessly easy style but know that can be tricky depending on the season. Luckily in the fall it’s time to pile on the cozy layers, giving us the perfect “I woke up like this” fashion moment. Our favorite way to accessorize any outfit is with a scarf or necklace. Scarfs are the perfect warm hug that’s as soft as they are fashionable, while necklaces are the piece to tie it all together. For horse people, adding a horse themed accent is a sure-fire way to look classy with equestrian flair.

Scarfs come in different styles, making it easy to find one to match your wardrobe. The two we feature are silk and infinity scarfs. We love both of these options for how versatile they are to style.

The silk scarves can be secured on your purse, tied around your messy bun, wrapped around your neck and secure with a low knot and so much more. We carry a variety of horse themed silk scarves that we know you’ll love to complete your effortless fall look. To name a few, we’ve got an elegant salmon colored renaissance themed scarf, a black and white horse head scarf, a turquoise stirrup iron & leather scarf, and a geometric gray themed snaffle bit scarf.

The other scarf we love is the infinity scarf. Created in a chiffon polyester blend, it ensures a lightweight, soft fit. Infinity scarves are the perfect fly bonnet to your matchy-matchy outfit. They add flair to any outfit and can be worn in an infinite number of ways. We found the most fashion forward scarves to make sure you’re horsing around in style. Just a handful we carry are a taupe halter & irons scarf, the galloping horses scarf, an english tack white scarf, and a vintage horse blanket themed scarf.


To really tie together your horse girl aesthetic, we have two beautiful necklaces that will amp up any outfit. The first is the sterling silver Snaffle Bit Lariat necklace. With generous adjustability, this necklace is perfect for casual and sophisticated events. The hand polished necklace offers a stunning finish. The second is the Pearl and Sterling Silver Stirrup necklace. In eight color schemes, there is a perfect necklace for everyone. The pearls are hand selected and knotted to ensure the highest quality. And paired with delicate stirrup irons, it’s a wonderful statement piece for any equestrian.

Travel in Style with Baker Products

5/A Baker is truly a timeless namesake that has pioneered and defined equestrian style for over 150 years. Founded in 1866, their signature plaid is universally associated with durability and tradition. Baker has grown from a wool cooler company to providing everything from blankets, apparel, and even luggage. The fascinating phenomenon of Baker is that all of their products are created in the signature plaid pattern with their red Baker tag. While these are year-round statement pieces for Equestrians, the classic plaid captures the essence of the fall season.

When traveling to horse shows, there are some necessities that make the experience so much easier. Having your items stowed away in safe, secure luggage is the best way to ensure there are no rips, wrinkles or tears come show day. Baker has taken it upon themselves to bring us the highest quality luxury travel luggage. Of course, it’s in their signature Baker plaid.

First we have their tall boots, helmet bag and garment carriers. These are truly the cadillacs of the luggage world! The riding boot luggage is fully lined and lightly padded to ensure your prized possessions stay scratch free and in perfect condition. Designed to ensure your helmet is free of damage, the Baker helmet bag is perfectly equipped with your safety in mind. Why buy a beautiful helmet just to put it in a defenseless case? Lastly is the garment carrier. This carrier is large and spacious. There’s plenty of room for your show coats, shirts, stock ties, and anything else you want to safely stow away. Baker has thought of all the little details so you don’t have to.

Just in case traveling with full Baker plaid isn’t enough Baker for you, we have accessories! Created with double weave cotton, the Baker plaid scarf is the perfect fall or winter scarf to keep you toasty and fashionable. Pair it with the Baker cross body purse and you’ll be head to toe in Baker. This purse features the signature plaid along with supple bridle leather to ensure it’ll last for years to come. If you want to live life a little dangerously, we do have one more fantastic Baker option in green plaid! It’s the Baker Taylor Tote Bag. This fantastic travel tote comes in traditional Baker or a green plaid. For a perfect fall moment, this green take on classic Baker is your way to go.


Equestrian riding fashion has been a positive influence on modern day fall fashion. With accessories to dress up your everyday outfits, you’ll be able to take your love of horses everywhere with you. For more accessories and fashion items, feel free to check out the rider section of Equine Outfitters LLC!