The $20 Champion


By, Steffany Dragon, MS, CEMT On a brisk Saturday morning in 1985, the stars were aligned. Riders, handlers, and horses were scurrying around the grounds in Sunland, CA as the AERC 50 Mile Endurance Ride was about to open. While a 12-year-old,  blonde equestrian warmed up her equine partner, Rosie, and headed to the Vet Check station…her mother was immediately … Read More

Nutrition for the Thriving Senior Horse

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by Steffany Dragon, MS, CESMT In the past decade or so, the care of the Senior Horse has received considerable attention and rightfully so! There is not much dearer to the heart of a good horseman or horsewoman than taking care of his best friend as he ages.  Thankfully, we have sound science and research that gives us the opportunity … Read More

The Skinny on English Saddle Pads


by Steffany Dragon, MS Quiz! Match each pad with its English discipline:       Hunter          Dressage           Half Pad         Eventing       Jumper (Answers at end of article!) Shopping for saddle pads can be fun, daunting, satisfying or confusing! You may wonder how a pad, with the … Read More

When & Why to Use a Diet Balancer or All-In-One Supplement

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The title sounds complicated but we made it simple. You have Options! By, Steffany Dragon, MS, CEMT As always, we promise to keep it practical! Most of a horse’s diet should come from forage right? Yes…a horse should consume at least 1.5-2.0% of their body weight in pasture/hay a day. So why do we feed or supplement? Calories and/or nutrients … Read More

Hot New Fly Hacks


  5 min read:  Hot New Hacks for Winning the War on Flies,      Gnats & Mosquitoes in 2019!  By, Steffany Dragon, MS, CEMT We realize we are in the THICK of Fly Season so if you are reading this blog, you are looking for new, more effective ‘weapons’ or greener alternatives to win this war against your horses’ … Read More

What is Body Condition Score (BCS)?

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“Why all the hype about Body Condition Scoring? I’ve been a horse owner for a long time now and I think my horse looks just fine!” Fine is fine, but could your horse look and feel better? Could your horse perform better and recover quicker? As horse owners we have a responsibility to provide the best care, nutrition and maintenance … Read More

The Horse Owners Survival Guide to Fly Season


Whether it’s the common house fly, deer fly, horse fly or blow fly, we can all agree that they are one of the biggest frustrations of horse ownership. Flying insects are a nuisance for sure, but more than that, they are bearers of disease. In North America alone, there are 16,000 types of flies. Some of them eat by vomiting … Read More

Hey, Where’s the Hay?

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    We’ve all heard the saying “forage or hay is the most important part of a horses diet”. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of forages and feeding methods that will not only keep your horse healthy, but your pocketbook happy too! As herbivores and “hindgut fermenters”, horses are designed to graze from 15 to 20hrs … Read More

Why 30% Protein?

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Protein deficiencies in horses can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The most notable outward sign of protein deficiency is muscle loss or “wasting” across the topline (back, loin and croup). Additional deficiencies may include poor development in young horses, slow growing hooves, energy deficiency and lack of appetite. Protein is essential for milk production in lactating broodmares and … Read More