Nutrition for the Thriving Senior Horse

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by Steffany Dragon, MS, CESMT In the past decade or so, the care of the Senior Horse has received considerable attention and rightfully so! There is not much dearer to the heart of a good horseman or horsewoman than taking care of his best friend as he ages.  Thankfully, we have sound science and research that gives us the opportunity … Read More

When & Why to Use a Diet Balancer or All-In-One Supplement

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The title sounds complicated but we made it simple. You have Options! By, Steffany Dragon, MS, CEMT As always, we promise to keep it practical! Most of a horse’s diet should come from forage right? Yes…a horse should consume at least 1.5-2.0% of their body weight in pasture/hay a day. So why do we feed or supplement? Calories and/or nutrients … Read More

What is the BEST Feed?


In recent years, feeding horses seems to have become more and more complex. I receive dozens of questions from horse owners weekly that start with “What is the BEST _____?” Feel free to fill in the blank with feed, joint supplement, digestive aid, types of forage… get the point. My answer is always: “depends on your definition of the BEST … Read More

How Old Is This Feed?


When you shop in the grocery store, do you reach to the back of the dairy section to find milk with the longest ‘best by’ date? If you’re like many of us, you probably check dates and make sure your family is getting the freshest product on the shelf. Shopping for horse feed is a little different. Manufacturers are not … Read More