Equestrian Elegance: Top 12 Christmas Gifts Under $100

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As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect Christmas gifts takes center stage. For those with a passion for horses and all things equestrian, the quest for stylish and thoughtful presents becomes an exciting endeavor (or maybe terrifying for a few of you). This year, immerse yourself in the world of equine elegance and surprise your horse-loving friends and family with gifts that not only reflect their love for riding but also carry a touch of affordable luxury.

In the spirit of the season, this guide is crafted to showcase our top 12 Christmas gifts under $100. It’s a curated collection that promises to bring joy and sophistication to the festive season while allowing you to stay within your budget. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned rider, a horse enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of equestrian-inspired items, this list offers a diverse range of gifts that blend style, functionality, and festive flair.


  1. Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnets Ensure your loved one rides in style with Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnets. These practical yet elegant hairnets are a thoughtful and affordable addition to any rider’s wardrobe. Designed for long hair, these hairnets feature a built-in ponytail scrunchie!
  2. Ellany Belts Gift the joy of a well-crafted accessory with Ellany Belts. Choose from a range of colors to match any riding attire, adding a touch of flair to every ride. Made in the USA from top quality elastic, the Ellany belt is the most comfortable you will ever wear.
  3. Just Wright Candles Set the holiday mood with Just Wright Candles. These horse-themed candles make for a charming and cozy addition to any equestrian lover’s home during the festive season. Hand poured with Soy wax, these candles are a “staff favorite”.
    just wright candle pony power
  4. Vagabond House Equestrian Bit Frame Give the gift of cherished memories with the Vagabond House Equestrian Bit Frame. This beautifully crafted frame is a stylish way to display special moments in the life of a rider.
    Vagabond House Equestrian Bit Photo Frame 5x7 Side View
  5. Arthur Court Horseshoe Bowl Elevate holiday gatherings with the Arthur Court Horseshoe Bowl. Whether used for serving snacks or as a festive centerpiece, this bowl adds a touch of equestrian charm to any celebration.
    arthur court horseshoe candy bowl
  6. Arthur Court Equestrian Wine Glasses Toast to the season with Arthur Court Equestrian Wine Glasses. Featuring intricate equestrian motifs, these glasses are a perfect blend of elegance and holiday cheer. Sold as pair.
    arthur court equestrian wine glasses
  7. Performance HA Human Joint Supplement Show you care about their well-being with the Performance HA Human Joint Supplement. This thoughtful and practical gift supports joint health for a comfortable and active lifestyle.
    performance ha human joint supplement 8oz
  8. English Stirrup Necklace Add a touch of equestrian elegance to holiday outfits with an English Stirrup Necklace. This delicate piece of jewelry is a perfect accessory for any horse lover.
    urban equestrian silver double ring english stirrup necklace
  9. Arthur Court Catch All Keep holiday essentials organized with the Arthur Court Catch All. Whether used for keys, ornaments, or small gifts, this catch-all is both practical and stylish.
    arthur court horse catch all
  10. 5/A Baker Afghan Throw Cozy up by the fireplace with the timeless 5/A Baker Afghan Throw. This classic gift adds warmth and comfort to winter evenings, making it a thoughtful present for any equestrian.
  11. Fancy Stitch Emberly Belt Surprise your loved one with the fashionable Fancy Stitch Emberly Belt. The intricate stitching and quality craftsmanship make this belt a stylish addition to any rider’s wardrobe.
  12. Ladies Tall Nylon Boot Socks Wrap up the holiday season with the gift of comfort – Ladies Tall Nylon Boot Socks. Available in a wide variety of styles, these boot socks make great stocking stuffers!


These top 12 Christmas gifts under $100 offer not just affordability but a perfect blend of thoughtfulness and style for the equestrian enthusiasts in your life. Whether your loved ones are seasoned riders or simply love horses, these gifts convey a sense of the equestrian lifestyle and add a touch of charm to holiday celebrations.


In the spirit of giving, these items go beyond mere presents; they’re tokens of appreciation for the passion and dedication your friends and family invest in their love for horses. From the practicality of Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnets to the timeless elegance of Arthur Court Equestrian Wine Glasses, each gift has been curated with care to enhance both the rider’s experience and the aesthetics of their surroundings.


Moreover, as we exchange gifts during this festive season, it’s worth remembering that the joy of giving is not solely about the price tag but the sentiment behind the gesture. These under $100 treasures allow you to express your love and admiration for the equestrian lifestyle without straining your budget.


So, as you wrap these carefully selected gifts and place them under the Christmas tree, envision the smiles and excitement they will bring to your loved ones. May these equestrian-inspired presents add a special touch to the holiday festivities, creating memories that will be cherished long after the decorations are taken down. Wishing you and your equestrian companions a joyful and stylish holiday season!