5/A Baker® Blanket Pad Organizer


If you’re into organization – this is a stylish way to keep pads, blankets and rugs off the floor, neat and tidy. The 5/A Baker® Blanket Bar is made from first quality 1″ wide polypropylene woven in iconic Baker Plaid with the signature red tag and sturdy wooden rods. Plaid colors will not fade or bleed. Large enough for full size blanket, rug or saddle pad storage. 42” wide with brass ring at the top for hanging. Made in the USA

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Additional Features:
* 42″ wide smooth wooden dowels
* Ideal for storing blankets, rugs and saddle pads
* Iconic Baker Plaid woven 1″ wide polypropylene
* Matches the entire Baker Collection
* Easy to transport for horse shows and travel