Adeptus Augment Vitamin Mineral Supplement


Balancing the diet is crucial for proper growth in young horses as well as maintenance for performance longevity and soundness in mature horses. Since many forages here in the United States are low in key trace minerals, it is essential for horses to consume those nutrients from supplements and/or fortified grains. Since most horses do not consume the recommended amounts of fortified grains, it is necessary to fortify their diets with a concentrated supplement that includes Organic Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Prebiotics.

Augment can serve as a great balancer for adult horses, broodmares and growing horses that do not require large amounts of calories or “grains”. With it’s Prebiotic digestive base, Augment is palitable and easy to top-dress. Augment is designed to ensure your horse has all of the daily vitamins and minerals he or she need to be their best.

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Additional Features:
* Granular Prebiotic Digestive Base
* Organic Trace Minerals
* Vitamins
* Amino Acids
* 3lbs tub lasts 24day at the maintenance dose

Directions: Feed 2 scoops for maintenance or 2-4 scoops for performance horses, broodmares and growinng horses. Granules may be top dressed on current grain or given alone. (1oz scoop enclosed)