All Natual No Thrush Power – 5.5oz


No Thrush is the revolutionary way to treat thrush quickly. Thrush is a bacterial infection that occurs in the tissue of the frog, wall and bars in the heel area of the hoof. The disease begins when bacteria penetrates the outer horn, or epidermis, of the frog. As it progresses, the frog tissue deteriorates, looking uneven and ragged while producing a smelly discharge. In severe cases, the bacteria can reach the inner dermis, the sensitive tissue beneath the frog, causing pain and lameness. No Thrush is designed to heal thrush quickly. Many clients confirm positive results in as little as 4-days.

Originally designed for equine thrush and frog maintenance, No Thrush may also be used with great effect on coat fungus, rain rot, and scratches. No Thrush is easy to apply and safe to use on all animals. The 5.5oz squeeze bottle contains over 65 applications – economical for large training barns or farms.

Ingredients: All natural proprietary mix of multiple clays and silicates, salts of copper 15% -active, iron, diatomaceous earth, oregano powder.

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Additional Features:
* Dry powder sticks to hooves easily
* Excellent for “Scratches” too
* Easy squeeze applicator tip
* Effective treatment against bacterial/fungal infections
* Large 5.5oz bottle

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use to reduce settling. Snip top above cut-line.
THRUSH: Clean off debris with pick/brush. For fastest results, keep hoof dry. However No Thrush works well in rainy climates. Just use cloth to wipe away moisture.Thoroughly dust frog and be sure to get powder deep into all hoof grooves and heel cracks. Final step: Brush powder into the frog and heel to ensure complete coverage under all skin tags. Use once daily until there is no visual thrush remaining and the heel bulbs are firm. If crack between heel bulbs is present (the crack is caused by sulcus thrush), continue use 3-4x per week until crack is regrown and closed. (typically takes 20-40 days)
MAINTENANCE: Do not wait for thrush to return! To stay out of the “thrush cycle,” use No Thrush at least once per week. During wet weather use more often.
SCRATCHES, RAIN ROT, ALL COAT ISSUES: Keeping the coat dry, apply and rub powder directly onto problem area 1-2 times per day. Do not bathe and do not remove scabs.
NOTE: If a crack between the heel bulbs is present (these are caused by thrush), be sure to continue 3 to 4 dustings per week until crack is re-grown.
NOTE: No Thrush should be used in normal hoof “maintenance.” A weekly dusting will aid in prevention of recurring thrush.
CAUTION: Not for human use. Do not take internally. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
Use in well ventilated area. Use mask if desired.