Avignon Ocala Fancy Stitch Monocrown Bridle


Beautifully crafted, the Avignon Ocala Bridle is a Classic for the Hunter Ring. Featuring an integrated anatomical padded Monocrown with detailed contrast stitching, this bridle offers excellent comfort for your horse. The dark Havana brown leather is accented with elegant white fancy stitching and looks great in the WEC show ring! Traditional round raised, padded brow and nose band make this bridle “pop” on any horse. Reinforced matching laced reins compliment the Ocala bridle perfectly. Don’t forget the Standing Martingale

The Ocala is our Best Selling bridle – check out a similar design with a wider square nose in the Wellington


Additional Features:
* Anatomical padded Monocrown Hunter Bridle features classic fancy stitch and laced reins
* One inch wide nose band for all sizes except pony (3/4″)