BioEZ®-VF Advanced Equine Digestive Optimizer


BioEZ®-VF Advanced Equine Digestive Optimizer provides comprehensive fore- and hind-gut support for optimal digestive health through superior nutrient absorption and maximized bacterial digestion. It delivers a natural solution to common digestive challenges and tackles problematic conditions like persistent loose stool, Fecal Water Syndrome and poor body condition.

BioEZ®-VF Advanced is ideal for performance horses and breeding stock that need optimal nutrient absorption for training, recovery and gestation. Essential for senior horses who need maximum digestive function for wellness support.

BioEZ®-VF Advanced contains exclusive microbial probiotics and digestive enzymes. This product helps to improve protein absorption and utilization, offering numerous health benefits, including digestive and immune health.

With six strains of live probiotics, two active yeasts and fourteen digestive enzymes, BioEZ®-VF Advanced is unline any other Equine digestive aid on the market today. Help your horse feel their best with a healthy immune system and overall great body condition.

* No sugar added
* Will not test
* USEF/FEI approved ingredients

What’s the Difference between BioEZ®-VF Advanced & BioEZ® Original?
300% Increase in Microbial Coliform Count
Eight Strains of Probiotic Microbials (three additional beyond Original BioEZ)
30% More Digestive Enzymes in Alkaline, Acidic and Neutral
Ten Uptake Cofactors Boost & Optimize Microbials – further Improving GI Tract Function
Innovative Phyto-Therapy Oils inhibit Pathogens Holistically & Encourage Consumption


BioEZ®-VF Advanced Equine Digestive Optimizer contains exclusive Microbial Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.