Blue Alloy Hanging Cheek/Baucher w/Rollers


The Shires Blue Alloy Baucher/Hanging Cheek Snaffle with Rollers is the ideal choice for horses who are overly fussy in the mouth and require additional flexion. The hanging cheek snaffle / baucher design offers a little poll pressure to aid with flexion while the rollers discourage leaning and fixing helping to promote play. These free moving disks in the center are ideal for promoting mouthing on the bit. The blue sweet iron easily oxidizes in the mouth offering a sweet taste which is preferable to many horses. The brass rollers on this bit offer further warmth making the bit more palatable.



Additional Features:
* Blue Alloy Sweet Iron
* Brass Alloy rollers
* 3-piece mouth
* Drop Cheeks – Baucher – Hanging Cheeks