Two Ring Gag w/Lozenge Blue Alloy


The Blue Alloy Lozenge Two Ring Gag bit from Shires Equestrian features a sweet iron metal that encourages salivation. The two ring cheeks, allow adaptable poll pressure and leverage on the mouthpiece, while the anatomical brass alloy lozenge distributes pressure over the tongue
and bars. This encourages contact and “mouthing” of the bit.

Blue Alloy or “sweet iron” oxidizes easily to create a sweet taste which helps with bit acceptance and encourages salivation. The addition of Brass Alloy inserts where present, help produce a warm, more palatable bit. Eventually the blue will fade as it oxidizes causing “rust” like traditional sweet iron material.


The Two Ring Gag with Lozenge bit features Blue Alloy to encourage bit acceptance and mouth moisture