Cyprium Loose Ring w/Grooved Peanut 5″

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Cyprium steel is an alloy with 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. Alloy’s of copper and stainless steel give a sweet taste in the mouth of the horse. The saliva production is stimulated by the taste and the horse accepts the bit easier. The larger the proportion of copper, the more flavor and softer the bit.
The grooved peanut is has a wider surface and offers a more mild feel than a traditional nutcracker mechanic of a single-joint snaffle. The Coronet line of bits at hand-polished for a smooth finish and soft feel.

For comparison, Aurigan is an alloy with 80% copper and 20% stainless steel.

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Additional Features:
* Cyprium (90% Copper + 10% Stainless Steel)
* Loose ring cheeks
* 3-piece snaffle mouth
* Grooved center peanut