ELLSWORTH Ponytail Hairnets


They say “necessity is the mother of all invention”. Nothing could be more true than when it comes to the new ELLSWORTH Ponytail Hairnets. Designed for equestrian riders with long hair, these innovative hairnets have a built-in pony tail holder that keeps you long locks neatly tamed. Say goodbye to the excess hairnet flopping around in your ponytail! This brand new hairnet design has an elastic lined hair tie built-in to the back of the hairnet that allows you to easily wear your hair down or up under your helmet.

Available in 6 color options, each package contains 2 ponytail hairnets. No knots to contend with, no “tubes” to try and wrap around. These new ponytail hairnets are sure to be your new favorite riding hairnet! Check out the quick video on putting on your ponytail hairnet.


The ELLSWORTH Ponytail Hairnets are the perfect new riding accessory to tame your long hair!