Equiderma Skin Lotion 16oz


If you own horses long enough sooner or later, you are likely to confront some form of skin disease. Although good grooming practices are the key to healthy skin when this is not enough Equiderma skin lotion is a proven solution. Equiderma is by far the most effective product on the market today. This lotion combines anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties along with soothing emollients to create a healthy environment to promote healing and hair growth. It is quick, fast acting, non-messy and easy to apply. Helps to eliminate muck itch, summer itch, sweet itch, rain rot, bacteria, fungus, ring worm, and virus and insect bite related skin conditions.

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Additional Features:
* 16oz bottle
* Fast acting
* Non-messy and easy to apply
* Aids in treatment of a variety of skin conditions including rain rot, ring worm, scratches, etc.

Mineral oil, Aqueous solution, Surfactant, Chlorhexadine, N-Trichloromethylthio, 4-Cyclohexene-1, 2-DicaboximideEquiderma™