EquiVisor® Riding Helmet Visor


The EquiVisor® shades your face and ears from 100% of the damaging UV rays. With a unique design that functions both on and off your helmet, this versatile visor is a must-have for all summertime equestrians. Designed to fit most riding helmets, this visor features a 4″ tapered brim that will not obstruct your peripheral vision. It attaches easily to your helmet and stays secure even at a full gallop!

The EquiVisor® features a patented gripper system that easily attaches to almost any helmet with a visor.


Additional Features:
* Gripper system that attaches to most helmets
* Secure even at a full gallop
* Will not obstruct peripheral vision
* Excellent UV protection
* Shades your face and ears while riding outdoors