Fager Hunter Dee Emil Titanium Bit


The Fager Hunter Dee Emil Titanium bit is the ideal choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Easily develops cuts or sores.
  • Feels rigid to the contact on one or both sides.
  • Needs more flexibility than a standard straight bit.

Emil is a durable and lightweight, double-jointed Titanium Snaffle. The design is simple, unique and designed with the horse’s ultimate comfort in mind.  The whole of the bit surface, including the joints is 100% smooth allowing complete fluidity and freedom in the mouth.

The joints are specifically designed to never interfere or push against the palate, making Emil an extremely comfortable bit.  The mouthpiece naturally conforms to the shape of the tongue while relieving the bars from constant pressure.  Emil is the perfect solution for sensitive horses who easily cut or bruise in the mouth.

The lightweight, straight design helps to promote more precise and direct communication down the reins.

The Dee rings make the bit lay still in the mouth and prevent the bit from sliding side to side. The straight sides help with steering and framing.

All Fager Titanium bits are quality checked and made of 100% medical Titanium, ensuring you utilise and feel the full benefits of this fantastic metal. Titanium is a tasteless metal which naturally adapts to the temperature of the mouth, encouraging the horse to accept the bit and be more comfortable. We usually recommend a Titanium bit for sensitive mouthed horses who can react to other metals e.g. red marks or sores developing, despite a soft contact from the hands. Titanium gives a super light feeling in the hand and quicker response when compared to a heavier bit, particularly when combined with the correct mouthpiece for the individual horse.

At Fager we design our bits to always sit horizontally straight, there is never a bigger bend forward. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that the bit maintains the correct balance point (BP) in the mouth, creating stability and clear communication for the horse.  When a bit creates a bigger bend forward, it also moves the BP forward, detrimentally reducing the effectiveness of the aids

This design is the ideal solution for sensitive horses who easily develop sores and cuts as it protects the bars and the flesh of the mouth.

How should I place my Fager Bit in the horses mouth?

The Horse-logo should always be on your horse right side, running forward. FAGER in front.


The Fager Hunter Dee Emil Titanium bit design is a simple design featuring a center peanut with smooth joints.

Additional information

Bit Size

125mm, 135mm


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