Fager Julia Sweet Iron Baby Fulmer Loose Ring


The Baby Fulmer is a registered design by Fager that helps with lateral control and improves bit stability in the mouth. The curved Baby Fulmer sides are similar to a full cheek and lay close to the face, while the loose rings are placed further away from the corners of the mouth to prevent pinching. This bit helps to encourage the horse to lift in the front, come back to your hand and avoid a stiff feeling towards the bit.

The double jointed mouthpiece has a single copper roller to encourage bit acceptance. Great for younger horses, this roller is often times relaxing to them. Blue sweet iron is designed to “rust” with use, creating a sweet taste for your horse. If your horse measure a “between” size, Fager recommends going up to the next size.

125mm = 65mm rings/14mm diameter mouth
135mm = 70mm rings/14mm diameter mouth


The Fager Julia Sweet Iron Baby Fulmer loose ring bit features blue alloy & copper