Fager Sally Titanium Fixed Cheek


Designed with the Equine anatomy in mind, the Fager Sally Titanium fixed cheek snaffle bit features a mild contour, that shapes naturally around the tongue. The anatomic shape follows the contour across the mouth that divides the pressure between the bars and tongue equally. Having a short centerpiece that breaks to the outside of the tongue eliminates palate interference and makes this an ideal bit for horses with a low or short palate. The copper roller reaches further down than the joints allowing for increased pressure when needed.

Titanium is an amazing material that will give you a light, quick feeling. Fager’s surgical titanium is warm to the touch and will give your horse higher comfort than normal steel bits, especially it is cold outside.

Titanium has superior strength that will hold for more than a lifetime. It is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which means that you can’t get any allergic reaction from it. Titanium is tasteless unlike other materials on the market and has also been shown to improve acceptance towards the bit when no other bits have succeeded.

If your horse measure a “between” size, Fager recommends going up to the next size.

65mm rings/14mm diameter mouth


The Fager Sally Titanium fixed cheek bit is lightweight