Flexible Filly Slow Feed Horse Grazing Muzzzle


The Thinline Flexible Filly Slow Feed Horse Grazing Muzzle is unlike the typical heavy, hard, and “cage-like” apparatus that’s typically seen on horses. Constructed of a pliable and light weight poly material that reduces the chances of the muzzle getting snagged, the Flexible Filly Slow Feed Horse Grazing Muzzle is also soft on equine teeth and lips. The Flexible Filly Slow Feed Horse Grazing Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your leather turnout halter will.

The grazing muzzle is made from one of the most durable polymers on the planet and is fungal/mold/UV resistant. Don’t let all that simplicity get in the way. It has taken years to get the right materials to work this well! It is safe, effective and durable. The muzzle is ideal for slowing down speedy eaters and limiting grazing for metabolic or “easy keeper” types. The muzzle can also keep horses from chewing on leg wraps, wood, or blankets. It works extremely well with all automatic waterers and has UV protection which works much like sunscreen for those delicate noses.

Available in two sizes: There is so much flexibility in this horse grazing muzzle sizes will fit a variety of horses.
Pony/Horse 24″  will typically fit: Pony, Cob, Arabian or Horses on the smaller side
Warmblood/Oversize 25″ will typically fit: Oversize, Draft and Horses on the larger side



Additional Features:
* Lightweight polymer that is durable
* Ideal for limiting grazing time
* Easy size guide
* Safe & effective at controlling “greedy feeders”
* Great for ponies and metabolic horses

Directions for Applying your new muzzle.
What you will need:
Halter: We recommend you commit a dedicated well fitting breakaway turnout halter to your muzzle.
10 Minutes: It generally takes about 10 minutes to get everything perfect the first time you install a Flexible Filly Muzzle. Subsequent halters will take about 3 minutes.

How to begin:
Use the enclosed paper ties or a string to discover the best holes to secure your grazing muzzle to your halter. The paper ties are a temporary tool allowing you to easily adjust the fit.
Once you are satisfied you have the correct holes aligned to the halter please remove the paper ties or string and permanently secure the muzzle with the included cable ties.

How to orient the muzzle:
Two of the “fins” have a triangle cut out. These attach to the square (side) rings on your turnout halter. Three fins will connect to the nose band, one in the center, the other two fall naturally to the sides of center. Three fins will connect to the chin band; one in the center, two naturally to the sides of the center. (see image below).

Securing the muzzle:
First secure each triangle cut out fin with one of the enclosed low profile cable ties. Do not wrap the fins around the halter, doing so may cause rubs.
After finding the best fit for your horse, simply trim the excess fin material just above the top hole being used. It is fine to wait a day or two to ensure your muzzle is a comfortable distance from your horse’s mouth prior to trimming.

How the proper fit looks:
When properly installed, the muzzle should be close to but not touching the nose of the horse. If the muzzle is touching the nose simply make the fins under the chin longer, this will lift the muzzle away from the nose.
The “keeper” on the cable tie are on the outside of the muzzle and the excess is facing down and trimmed close.

If you have fitted the muzzle properly and the muzzle is the correct size it will work famously. If you find there is too much grazing room be sure your fins are snugly secured to your halter. The fins should not move along the nose band. If it does simply pull the cable tie tighter.

The straps should be evenly spaced. Center front, center chin and then one to each side – even from each other. (see photos)
The straps should be secured snug with the zip ties. You should NOT be able to move the straps along the halter.
The muzzle should be less than one finger distance from their lips – yours is very loose – the culprit of broken zip ties. – see the silly pony, is it close enough to stick a tongue through?

TRIM! If you leave the excess material above the halter nose/chin strap it will likely rub your horse. Please take a pair of scissors and trim in a rounded fashion (leaving no 90 degree edges) and you will be golden!