French Link Hunter Dee Bit


A functional bit at an affordable price, the Hunter Dee Ring French Link Snaffle Bit is a great option for schooling as well as competition and is a must-have for your tack room. The traditional Hunter Dee cheek piece gives this bit a classic finish suitable for several English disciplines and is most popular in the hunter/jumper ring. Sometimes called a “dog-bone”, the French link is one of our most popular selling bits. The French link mouth is available in a wide variety of other cheek styles: baucher, eggbutt, loose ring and 2-ring gag.

The three-piece French Link mouthpiece prevents the “nutcracker” action of single-jointed mouthpieces, and instead applies tongue pressure in a more even manner across the tongue, bars and lips when reins are engaged.


Additional Features:
* Smooth hand polished French link snaffle bit
* Hunter Dee cheeks