Gel Eaze Leg Wrap – Non Slip Pad

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The Shires Gel Leg Wrap is a must-have item for every tack box. This versatile item is first and foremost a leg wrap that may be cooled and used to reduce inflammation on legs and hard-to-wrap ares like knees and hocks! Made of a ventilated gel material, this wrap may be used under polo wraps or standing bandages to provide support and relieve pressure on tendons and ligaments. When refrigerated before use, it will help to aid in reducing inflammation and relieve stiffness after strenuous exercise.
The secondary use of this unique item is as a non-slip pad. With perforations, is allows for airflow while keeping your saddle in place. Equally helpful with high-withered Thoroughbreds or flat-withered Halflingers, this pad is washable and reusable. The Gel Eaze material is not only shock absorbing but it is also hypoallergenic too!

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Additional Features:
* Perforated for airflow
* 10″ x 14″
* Non toxic gel material
* Washable and reusable

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