BioEZ®-VF Probiotic Paste

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VF – BioEZ® Vet Formula Probiotic Gel/Paste is not BioEZ® in paste form.

It is ‘Solution’ Product….. a Powerful Balancing Probiotic that:

  • Stops diarrhea in One Day
  • Prevents diarrhea during Transport
  • Gets animals Back on Feed – helps in Colic Situations
  • VF Rapidly Restores Microflora Equilibrium following Worming and Antibiotic Treatments
  • Boost Immunity

BioEZ®-VF Probiotic Paste is a high potency, high performance, oral gel for horses and foals to rebalance and support total digestive health. The digestive system fuels every other system in the body. Improving nutrient absorption, naturally via BioEZ®-VF, is an excellent way to manage total horse health and enhance overall equine performance.

Each tube contains 80 billion CFU(colony forming unites) of live micro-encapsulated probiotics via six strains, active yeasts and thirteen digestive enzymes to help maintain -fore and hind-gut digestive function during times of stress. Easy to administer, the paste formula makes dosing accurate and may be mixed in feed or mash.

BioEZ®-VF Probiotic Paste may help reduce instances of colic, diarrhea and digestive disturbances when changing forages, feed and stabling facilities. Ideal for lay-up/stall rest horses, after antibiotic treatments, after deworming treatments and during severe weather changes.
Maintaining the proper balance of microflora (healthy bacteria) in the horses’ digestive system can improve their performance, body condition, immune system, performance and attitude.

Directions (1,000lb horse)
BioEZ®-VF Probiotic Paste may be administered in a variety of ways with success. Below are the most commonly used treatment doses. Once chronic or intermittent symptoms clear up, reduce the amount of BioEZ®-VF Probiotic Paste down to the Maintenance level and/or switch to the BioEZ® Powder product for daily prevention.

Maintenance 5cc twice per day
Times of stress or intermittent loose stool 10cc twice per day – reduce as symptoms clear up.
Chronic Diarrhea 20cc twice per day – reduce as symptoms begin to clear up

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BioEZ®-VF Probiotic Paste is designed to stop diarrhea fast!