Hunter Dee 3 Roller Waterford Bit

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Individually made, this Linked Brass 3 Roller Hunter Dee bit is a new design combining the fluidity of a Waterford with 3 brass rollers that help encourage relaxation. This exclusive design is ideal for horses that root down or hang on the bit. The fluid motion helps to eliminate bracing while the 3 brass rollers encourage horses to swallow and relax into the bit. Brass is an alloy that warms quickly to body temperature and creates mouth moisture for improved bit acceptance. Unlike common waterford styles, this bit features a lip shelf at the ends of the cannons which improves comfort.

The Linked Brass 3 Roller Bit is custom made to our specifications and hand polished with a smooth finish. 12mm diameter – Imported

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Handmade to our precise standards, this Linked Brass 3 Roller bit has the flexibility of a waterford with rollers that help encourage relaxation.