Kunkle Fleece Lined Riding Gloves


Introducing KUNKLE Equestrian Gloves. With over 3-years of professional development, our industry finally has an Equestrian glove that fits great, last longer and is affordable! These gloves have been field tested by riders of all levels from beginners to Olypians.

KUNKLE took their #1 Best Selling Show Glove and added a thin layer of Fleece inside to give you the additional warmth that cold weather calls for. It is the perfect combination of the right amount of fleece that gives additional warmth but does not take away from the important “feel” of your reins. Lightly lined, these gloves feel instandly warmer when you put them on.

Features and benefits:
  • Last 2x longer -DURABLE
  • Second skin feel with slip free grip -extra tack
  • Dries completely between rides
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Synthetic Leather glove  content 60% PU 40% Nylon
  • Thickness of material 0.5 mm
  • Textured Pebbled finish


Lightly lined, the KUNKLE Fleece Lined Riding Gloves will help you feel instatly warmer!