Lila Linear Running Horse Pashmina Scarf

$24.99 $19.99

The Lila Linear Pashmina is generously sized for creative accessorizing and offers a classic equestrian theme. Measuring 27″ across and 70″ long, this scarf is 55% Pashmina and 45% Silk with fringe on the short ends. The Lila makes a great wardrobe accessory for traveling on chilly airplanes or for wrapping around your shoulders at sporting events. The perfect scarf to keep in your horse show tote bag or for year-round casual chic. Available in a wide variety of colors to match everything in your wardrobe.



Additional Features:
* Running horse design
* 27″ across
* 70″ long
* 55% Pashmina and 45% Silk
* Neutral off-white fringe