One Knot Comfort Hairnet


The One Knot Hairnet is a superior equestrian hairnet, uniquely designed with the rider in mind. With only one knot, it leaves no painful dot on the rider’s forehead. Created by fellow equestrian Michelle Osgood, One Knot Hairnets provide the solution to an age-old problem—the painful forehead dot left behind from the hours spent wearing a traditional hairnet. When Michelle tore apart a traditional hairnet she found the reason for the forehead dot—a metal clamp that holds the hairnet knot in place. It required four years of development. In 2009, Michelle introduced One Knot Hairnets to the equestrian community. With a smooth, flat front, no metal clamps and only one knot which is placed at the nape of the neck, One Knot Hairnets are comfortable to wear underneath a riding helmet. One Knot Hairnets are available in five colors. Each package contains two hairnets and two matching hair ties.



Additional Features:
* No more forehead bruises
* Features a single knot that goes in the back
* Each pack contains: 2 hairnets and 2 matching hair bands

Washable Equestrian Hairnet