Hunter Dee Pletcher Teardrop Bit

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Individually handmade, the Teardrop Hunter Dee bit is engineered after the Peter Pletcher snaffle. This bit is hand crafted from start to finish using high quality copper and stainless steel. The use of copper in the mouth encourages bit acceptance and mouth moisture helping to keep your horse soft.  Copper also warms quickly to the mouth creating a pleasant feel. Ideal for strong, fussy or forward horses, this bit helps to lighten the front end an encourage self carriage.

A classic Hunter Dee cheek with solid copper teardrop shaped cannons and  stainless steel center links. This lightweight bit is anatomically designed for the horse’s mouth. The center links allow for precise communication on each side of the mouth.  The Teardrop Hunter Dee bit is custom made to our specifications and hand polished with a smooth finish.

Approxomate European/US size conversions

11.5cm/4.5″ (3″ pony size cheeks)

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With its classic hunter dee cheeks, this handmade Pletcher style bit features copper teardrop shaped cannons and loose stainless steel center links.