Ringed Deluxe Hay Net


Extra strong hay net featuring metal rings at the bottom and around the top enabling easy filling and tying. Durable mesh features 2.25″ small holes to make hay last longer and are ideal for horses that gobble their forage.  Great for overnight feeding, lay-ups, “stalled” horses or pasture environments. Slow feed hay nets help to keep horses busy for longer periods of time and have been shown to reduce the instances of ulcers and colic. Hay nets can create a more natural way for your horse to “graze” over a longer period of time and reduce forage waste. Horses are designed to forage between 18-20hrs per day and the Shires Deluxe Hay Nets can help you to achieve this.

Approximately 40″ long with a capacity of about 18lbs of forage



Rings at the top make it easy to gather this Deluxe Hay Net