Shires of England – Memory Foam Non-Slip Half Pad


Shires of England, makes this high-quality Memory Foam Non-Slip half pad and it's more reasonable than you think!
We love this half pad because of the way it conforms and creates a custom-fit for every horse. In addition, the non-slip, silicone top and bottom keep the pad in place! No more slipping, no more billet straps and no more back pain.
The thick layers of this memory foam half pad, respond to heat and pressure, conforming to the shape of the horses back every time. This memory foam, has a high level of elasticity, which means that the depressed areas remain fluid, helping with pressure relief and shock absorption.

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Additional Features:
Spine: 21″
Drop: 11″
Black only
Silicone non-slip top and bottom
Contoured for better fit
One-Size fits most