Tapestry Monoflap Comfort Girth Brown

Imagine putting on a tight leather belt…..now try running and jumping with your tight leather belt on – good luck! The horse is absolutely no different and traditional girths do not offer the ability to move, flex and breathe. Designed with the elastic over the ribcage so that it expands as the horse breathes, the patented Tapestry Comfort Girth is the most advanced design on the market today.
Traditional leather, neoprene or fleece girths incorporate the elastic at each end of the girth where it doesn’t benefit the horse. A horse breathes and extends from the sternum up the ribcage, not from the spine down. As well, horses take a breath every time they take a canter stride, the gait most important in competition horses.
The Tapestry Comfort Girth has a 6″ sternum pad with non-slip neoprene that helps keep the girth and saddle in place and elastic that breathes with the horse relieving pressure behind the elbows. Quality stitching details with stainless steel buckles and a D ring for martingale or breastplate attachment.

How tight should my Tapestry Comfort Girth be?

With all girths it is so important that the girth isn’t over-tightened. The elastic in our girth is meant to help the horse breathe and relax so it’s paramount to not over-tighten it. There is a great video on  Youtube  that illustrates how tight the girth should be. Conversely, the girth has to be tight enough so the saddle doesn’t slip.

What size of girth should I order?

It is imperative that you measure your current girth from end of buckle to end of buckle regardless of what the stamp reads in order to know what size to order.

All horse girths stretch over time, and although your older girth might be marked as a certain size, you don’t  know what size it actually is until you measure it from end of buckle to end of buckle. Order the same size as your current girth.

The Tapestry Comfort Girth is designed to provide increased comfort for your equine partner with elastic placed where their lungs expand. Please make sure you are ordering the correct size for maximum effectiveness.

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The Tapestry Equine Monoflap Comfort Girth allows for improved breathing and comfort for the competition horse

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28", 30", 32", 34"


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