Thinline 1/4″ Shims for the Sheepskin Roll Half Pad


Sold in a set of (2) full length shims that may be cut for individual use (front – bridge – rear)

The new redesigned Thinline+ (1/4″ thick) inserts have been carefully designed by Master Saddlers to fit pads #7416. They are custom cut with a tapered edge to ensure you will never have a pressure point. Thinline’s exclusive foam makes saddles fit better and horses more comfortable. This new design now comes in a full length shim that has pre-determined marks for easy customization. Available in sizes medium or large to fit your corresponding Thinline Half Pad.

Inserts stay put without shifting and you may stack up to three sets. Pockets are not divided, allowing you or your saddle fitter to place the inserts precisely where your horse needs it.

If you find you no longer need inserts, just remove them and keep all the great benefits of your ThinLine Pad!
Adjust saddle fit and add more protection for your horse all in one easy step.

Most shims are specific to each pad. If you are not sure which shims you need, message or email us and we will be happy to help you.


Additional Features:
* Fits the new Trifecta w/Sheepskin Rolls Half Pad (#7416)
* 1/4″ thickness with tapered edges to minimize pressure points
* Shims will not move or slip and may be stacked up to 3-high for maximum “shimming”
* Sold in set of (2) full length shims that may be trimmed to fit