Thinline Contour Pad Untrimmed


*Reduce Rider Movement * Protect Horses’ Backs * Improve Saddle Fit

The Thinline Contour Pad absorbs shock and adds protection under the stirrup bars while helping to control left to right saddle slip.

Use under your saddle and over a cotton pad. Zero maintenance offers peace of mind while the custom fit to every back offers versatility. This pad is a Top Seller!

This ThinLine is the thinnest shock absorbing saddle pad 3/16″. Fitting a wide variety of saddle shapes and sizes, it will be the most versatile pad in your tack room. Thoughtfully designed to protect both horse and rider’s backs and create a soft, quiet, elastic connection. If you are a close contact rider with an independent seat, you will greatly appreciate ThinLine. This product reduces rider movement so horses can balance and focus. It does not amplify the seat, it reduces “background noise” so the rider’s seat aids are clear.

Standard Fits most 16″ – 17.5″ saddles
20.5″ spine length | 25″ across shoulder | 14.5″ across seat

Large Fits most 18″ or larger saddles
22.25″ spine length | 27″ across shoulder | 15.5″ across seat


The Thinline Contour Pad adds additional protection under the stirrup bar and will help control left to right saddle slip.