Thinline English Reins Hand Stops


Now Available in Pony Length 48″ Brown!

ThinLine English Reins with leather hand stops are nylon based, for strength and flexibility, with ThinLine wrapped around for improved grip and feel. Rein thickness is 3/4″, suitable for those with small hands or arthritis and ideal for those who want a “softer” feel on the mouth, while still maintaining grip.

You will develop softer contact and will have a steadier more consistent feel with improved confidence in this non slip rein. Easy to hold, riders with arthritis can hold the rein with less discomfort. Superior grip is great though water hazards and on rainy days.

ThinLine English Reins have done what rubber reins have always tried to do, only better. The ultimate rein for creating that perfect connection between horse and rider

From the moment you pick them up ThinLine English reins will always feel the same. Thinline guarantees this rein will not slip even in wet and lathery situations and they guarantee you will have a softer feel. A favorite of Show Jumpers, Hunters, 3-Day Eventers and Dressage riders alike. Stud Hook Ends

Betsy Steiner carries ThinLine reins to clinics so her students can have instantly soft hands.


Keeping the Non-Slip going strong:
Wiping down the rein with a baby wipe prior to riding can keep light arena dust from settling and improving the non-slip function.
Temperature can alter the feel of the reins. The warmer they are, the softer they will be and the more non-slip. Your hand generally provide enough warmth to get the rein to the optimal performance temperature.
Stay clear of chemicals! Show Sheen and some fly sprays will eventually cause mild stiffening of the edges of the foam. If you are using chemicals please rinse your hands before riding and you will greatly improve the longevity of your reins.

Care Instructions: We strongly recommend the use of Thinline Cleaners for the reins, as they have been tested and are completely safe for the ThinLine foam lining and do an excellent job of cleaning the leather in an all-natural product. Simple dish soap will work well on the Thinline portion as well. For conditioning the leather we recommend using a past or balsam-type conditioner so that you can control the application. Do not get oil/conditioner on the Thinline material.