Thinline Shoe Insoles


Ever wondered why your horse loves his ThinLine so much? Want to test a ThinLine product before purchasing a saddle pad? Treat yourself to some ThinLine comfort with our ThinLine Shoe Insoles.  Shock Absorbing & anti-microbial these shoe inserts will make your feet and back happy. ThinLine ventilates but does not absorb water. Wearing with socks is recommended. One size, may be cut with scissors for a custom fit.

ThinLine Shoe Insoles are available in two thicknesses:

  • THIN (1/8″- 2.4mm) – is the thinnest and will not alter the fit of your shoe.  Best for Orthopedic insoles, runners (place beneath orthotics), and fashion heels (you can trim a pair just for the balls of the feet).
  • THICK (3/16″-4.8mm) – These are best for:  Work boots, cowboy boots, replacing factory insoles, also good for footwear that is a little too big.  This thickness provides extreme protection for extended time on your feet. This thickness is the same product on our famous saddle pads.

D. Johnson says-
“I am a riding instructor and a competitive rider. I spend hours on my feet teaching and the rest of the day with my feet in the stirrups. It is great to have ThinLine shoe insoles in my boots. They make my boots more comfortable and help keep my feet happy on long days. Definitely recommend.”


Shock Absorbing & anti-microbial these ThinLine Shoe Insoles will help to make your feet and back happy.