Topline Xtreme Progressive Nutrition


Top-Line™ Xtreme for fast and effective muscle improvement!

*Contains cutting edge nutritional technology with select ingredients to provide the ultimate in muscle growth, development and performance
*Horses fed Top-Line™ Xtreme have experienced improved response for muscle definition and development
*Will NOT Test
*They have also seen improvement in recovery time or how fast horses “bounce back” for subsequent days of competition
*Contains no soybean so ideal for all horses
*Milk-based source of balanced amino acids to promote topline and muscle growth
*Nutrients that support performance and stamina
*Gamma Oryzanol for enhanced muscle recovery
*Flaxseed as a source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Ideal for horses who suffer from weak topline, poor recovery after workouts and horses being “fit” for sale/halter. Topline Xtreme works to “feed the engine” in your horse and allows their muscles to improve with work. Strength training will only condition the current muscles. Adding Topline Xtreme helps to actually feed and grow additional muscle. Horses become stronger, maintain stamina and are able to work longer with Topline Xtreme.

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Additional Features:
* 60% protein for maximum muscle build
* No Soybean formula is ideal for horses with allergies
* Excellent for horses that struggle with topline
* Helps to fill-in wither pockets and create a better saddle fit

Directions 15lb bucket (4oz scoop enclosed):
Horses less than 1,200lbs
Athletic Recovery 2 scoops shortly after exercise
Enhanced Muscle and Topline 2 scoops AM + 1 scoop PM
Muscle and Topline Maintenance 1 scoop AM + 1 scoop PM

Horses more than 1,200lbs
Athletic Recovery 3 scoops shortly after exercise
Enhanced Muscle and Topline 2 scoops AM + 2 scoops PM
Muscle and Topline Maintenance 2 scoops AM + 1 scoop PM

Whey Protein Concetrate, Wheat Gluten, Flaxseed, Vegetable Oil, Yeast Extract, Spray Dried Whey, Spray Dried Egg, Rice Bran Oil, Betaine, DL-Methanionine, L-Lysine, L-Tryptophan, L-Threonine, Natural and Artificial Flavors added.