TRUST Inno Sense Flexi Soft Baby Pelham


The Inno Sense Flexi Soft Baby Pelham bit is made of an elastic plastic that is very flexible which makes the bit very friendly. Despite the flexibility, an Inno Sense Flexi Soft bit is very solid due to the use of a flexible core of stainless steel.

Bits from the Inno Sense collection can be used for all horses but are particularly suitable for young horses and horses with a sensitive mouth. The plastic used is FDA approved, which means that the material is non-toxic and does not contain plasticizers. Horses that are ridden on an Inno Sense mouthpiece easily follow the hand and take the bit quickly. The Inno Sense flexi soft is less suitable for very strong horses.

The bits of TRUST equestrian are very Dutch. All bits are designed, developed and handmade in the Netherlands. Every day, a team of technical professionals works on the production. The bits are assembled with the greatest care and made from the best materials. The quality control and standard are therefore very high. With every design, the balance between shape, material and weight is continuously taken into account. Trust’s bits are slightly curved, making them shape better towards the horse’s mouth. Because of this anatomical shape, the bit lies better in the mouth and the pressure is better distributed. Due to the wide choice of mouthpieces, jaw pieces and materials, TRUST strives to have a suitable bit for every horse.

Warranty Information: TRUST Equestrian stands behind the quality of the products and warrants them against all defects in material and workmanship. However, they offer no guarantees in the event of biting on the Inno Sense mouthpieces. The bit should rest on top of the bars, this is the part of the jawline without teeth or molars. If the bit is correctly placed in the mouth, the bit does not touch the teeth or molars. There are horses that due to a dental problem, damage the bit by biting it or may lift the bit upwards with their tongue, so that the horse can reach the bit and thereby create the possibility that the flexible material of the TRUST Inno Sense flexi bit gets damaged. The material of the Inno Sense flexi bits is FDA approved, which means it is non-toxic and does not contain plasticizers. Damaged TRUST Inno Sense bits with bite marks shall therefore not be reimbursed by TRUST Equestrian.

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The TRUST Inno Sense Flexi Soft Baby Pelhan features Tom Thumb short shanks

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