TRUST Sweet Iron Eliptical Baby Pelham


With the smaller shanks, this TRUST Sweet Iron Eliptical Baby Pelham is a must-have for every Hunter barn. Anatomically shaped, the Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue color. Sweet Iron will rust when it comes into contact with air and moisture. The surface rust tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the saliva production. This will cause the horse to salivate more, which in turn will encourage a better acceptance of the bit.

With the double breaks, this eliptical bit is readily accepted by most horses as it distributes pressure more evenly across the tongue and bars. Pelham bits are typically used with two sets of reins in order to offer precise communication with your horse.

The bits of TRUST equestrian are very Dutch. All bits are designed, developed and handmade in the Netherlands. Every day, a team of technical professionals works on the production. The bits are assembled with the greatest care and made from the best materials. The quality control and standard are therefore very high. With every design, the balance between shape, material and weight is continuously taken into account. Trust’s bits are slightly curved, making them shape better towards the horse’s mouth. Because of this anatomical shape, the bit lies better in the mouth and the pressure is better distributed. Due to the wide choice of mouthpieces, jaw pieces and materials, TRUST strives to have a suitable bit for every horse.

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The TRUST Inno Sense Flexi Soft Baby Pelhan features Tom Thumb short shanks