Deluxe European Lunging Rope

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Watch the video to see the Lunging Rope in use

Designed to stimulate the release of muscles in the back of your horse. Adjusts easily by lacing the snaps through the bit rings and attaching to a ring of your choice. Snaps may be clipped directly to the bit rings if more room is needed. Used alone or with a wither pad, the thicker polyester rope over the back is ideal for equine comfort, while the thinner diameter slides easily through the bit rings. Perfect for use at the walk or trot, the Deluxe European Lunging Rope is great for building topline, rehabbing horses or training youngsters to accept bit pressure gently.
For first time users, start with a loose setting so your horse can become accustomed to the new training aid. Adjust as needed for your horses’ level of fitness and training. Do not overtighten.


Additional Features:
* Imported from Europe
* Improve topline by stimulation relaxation of the back muscles
* Adjustable in length
* Deluxe polyester European lunging rope

Medium: 108″ – 130″
Large: 122″ – 146″
XLarge: 132″ – 157″

With a soft measuring tape, measure your horse from point of shoulder to back of stifle and multiply by 2. This will give you the sizing for your horse.