Elastic End Side Reins With Clip N’ Dee


Make quick adjustments when lunging or riding with these soft nylon Elastic End Side Reins With Clip N’ Dee Snaps. The double layer elastic end ‘gives’ with your horse, encouraging the desired head set while durable nylon makes these great for everyday use. A unique safety feature to these side reins is a hook and loop “breakaway” insert, capable of being set at various degrees of strength. This allows for the side reins to come apart in case of emergencies or if your horse panics. 7 Dee rings offer a wide variety of quick adjustments so there is no need to fight with buckles. End to end length is 61″ long.

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Additional Features:
* Double strength elastic end
* 7 Dee ring adjustments
* One Size fits most
* Sold in pair
* Black only